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Çeviri ve Tercüme Hizmetleri Fiyatlandırma | Translation Point

Translation rates

Translation rates are given in euros, US dollars and pounds sterling per 1000 word of source text.
Below are standard rates for text translation of some languages from or into English.

Please Note: In case of
1) Rush translation – the above rates are valid for maximum 2000 words per day;
2) Translating of large, complex texts and documents;
3) Translating of hard-to-read and undecipherable texts,
A plus fee of 20-40% of the standard rate may apply.

Please contact us for rates in other languages and for the cross translations (i.e. from Spanish to German).

Payments can be made via PayPal, Moneybookers or by bank transfer (SWIFT).

The above rates are for written translations of General fields. Please contact us to learn specific rates in other subjects (technical, medical, law etc.).

Rates are valid for translation of target language into English and translation of English into target language.

Prices do not include VAT.

Editing/proofreading rates are 50% of list rates in general. Please ask for an exact quote when you need this service.

Contact Information

Telephone: +90 (212) 258 50 51


Gsm: +90 (543) 819 71 79

Adress: Türkali Mah. Mısırlıbahçe Sok. No:92 D:3 Beşiktaş/İSTANBUL