Commercial Translation

This includes the translation of all types of commercial documents such as; Company Contracts; Subcontracting, Franchised, Represantation and all similar commercial Contracts; Daily Reports, Decisions of the Board of Directors, Technical and Administrative Specifications, Rental Agreement and Different Table and Reportings as well as Sales, Marketing, Business, Production translations are made by our translators who are experts in such fields.


Legal Translation

We provide services with experienced translators for the following subjects: all kinds of contracts, minutes, petitions, court orders, power of attorney, declaration, job offers and patent applications and so on under various National and International Law and Regulations.


Technical Translation

This includes the translation of user manuals, maintenance manuals, product specifications, scientific research belong to the business world, certificates and documents of all industrial product, machinery, device and systems with development works into different languages. Since it requires specialization, these translations are made by translators who graduate from technical fields such as engineering and sciences.


Medical Translation

It is a process in which all kinds of scientific articles and reports, medicine catalogs, product patents, medical equipment and specifications, similar documents and manuels as well as forensic medicine, surgery and analysis reports are made by consultants and experienced translators.


Web Translation

It is an activity of personal and corporate Web pages to be translated into English and other languages. It is unmistakeably right that today; building web pages of your company, establishing a website prepared professionally to keep your competition chance on the global platform and adapting (localization) this website into different languages and cultures is of vital importance. As, we can enable your web site(s) to address to the international markets .


Academic Translation

This type includes the translation of licence/master/doctorate thesis, assignments, presentations and projects belonging to academic world, as well as articles and reviews in every kind of topic. And if you prefer, such articles translated by expert and experienced translators by adhering to the terminology, can be prepared with print, page layout and paper options demanded by universities.


Literary, Artistic Translation

It includes the translation of every kind of literary, artistic and philosophical articles as well as poem, history,tourism, advertising of a country at local and regional level, exhibition, balet, sport and so on.


Oral Translation (Interpreting)

We offer oral translation for business meeting, congress, fair, seminars and conferences as well as proceedings before the official authorities such as court, notary public.


Editing /Proofreading

It is a translation activity, in which the translations made previously by other institutions or persons are checked in terms of expression, meaning, spelling, grammer; and the mistakes are corrected.


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