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Çeviri ve Tercüme Hizmetlerinde Sıkça Sorulan Sorular | Translation Point

How can I send you the texts to be translated?
You can simply send your online texts in office formats, pdf, picture formats etc. to the address ( via an email. We will first calculate the pricing per word, and then send you the delivery date and details.

How will you send us the translated texts?
We can send you the translated texts via e-mail, skype and other delivery platforms; or by cargo or mail if you need the hard copies of the documents.

How can we make the payments of translations?
We use safer platforms such as paypal and moneybookers, but you can make a SWIFT direct to our bank account as well. However, sending directly to the account can be more expensive. In order to avoid higher bank fees, we recommend you to use these money transfer platforms.

How can we count the number of characters of the material which delivered to us or which we will send for the translation?
It is easy to calculate the number of words in MS Word versions, in case the text is in word format. For the documents in other forms (pdf, jpeg, powerpoint etc.) we use various programs to give you the exact and fair quote.

What is test translation?
Test translation is a translation type which you can demand the translation of 150 words in maximum as free of charge. With the help of that, you can test whether our translation is appropriate for your needs or not. Please feel free to ask for a test translation.

What are the factors affecting the price of translation?
The price of translation is directly affected by many factors. The situation and form of the text (printed document, Word file, PDF file, the files prepared in the graffic/page design programmes and so on), the context of the text (medicine, legal, international trade, aviation, marine, engineering etc.), technical level, whether the document requires terminology research or not before it is translated, the volume and surely the time of delivery are some of these factors.

Rates seem to be lower than the average market rates. Does this affect the quality of translation?
No, it doesn’t. Since we strictly abide by the rule to work with native speaker translators, this will help to keep the same quality. However, the rates may change according to delivery time and complexity of subject.

Which criteria do you seek for your translators?
We work with native speaking, minimum 2 years experienced translators all around the world. They are picked and selected very carefully, and categorized for their fields of expertise as well.

Contact Information

Telephone: +90 (212) 258 50 51


Gsm: +90 (543) 819 71 79

Adress: Türkali Mah. Mısırlıbahçe Sok. No:92 D:3 Beşiktaş/İSTANBUL